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We began beekeeping as a hobby in 2008. Discovering the many different varieties of artisanal honey became a passion.  Our goal is to bring the finest raw unfiltered honey to your table.  We do this by working with the best beekeepers from around the world.

Our hope is that our products will facilitate a dialogue among neighbors, friends, family, and the community at large about the huge importance of bees.

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VP Queen Bees is a beekeeping business specializing in Artificial Insemination Techniques for isolating the VSH trait in honeybee colonies. I took a trip to Iva, South Carolina to

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honeybees. It is composed of fatty acids, esters, hydrocarbons, and alcohols. Beeswax has been used for centuries in a variety of applications,

Our products

Check out our online shop for raw artisanal honey, bee-themed apparel, gift certificates and more.

“The owner was prompt in replying to my messages and very customer service oriented. I would definitely buy from this shop again.”
Anna Moribaldi honey lover

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    types of honey

    Learn more about some of the products we take special pride in.


    Chunk honey

    Made with one or more pieces of comb honey immersed in extracted liquid honey.


    Creamed honey

    The most popular form of honey in the UK. Raw honey that is finely crystalized.


    Comb honey

    The most natural state of honey. It is raw honey still in the honeybees wax comb.


    Liquid honey

    The most popular form of honey in the US. Easy to use in convenient packaging.

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