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5 Best Uses for Beeswax

Many of us already know the benefits of raw honey. But what about the benefits of beeswax? There are many uses of beeswax that can benefit your household or business.

In this article, we discuss the many benefits of beeswax along with some of the best uses. Keep reading to discover the healthful qualities of beeswax. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Beeswax Uses

  1. Art Projects – There are many arts and crafts that make use of beeswax as a medium. Of course, there is traditional candlemaking, where beeswax is crafted into elegant shapes used to provide light and heat in the home. There is also encaustic painting, where pigment is added to beeswax. Also, the batik process uses beeswax in the dying of fabrics.
  2. Cosmetics – Plenty of cosmetics incorporate beeswax, as it is beneficial to the skin. These include lip balms, lotions, moustache wax, pomades, and salves. Beeswax is high in vitamin A and helps protect skin naturally from UV radiation.
  3. Lubricant – Use beeswax to protect and lubricate tools. It is great for lubricating nails and screws before driving them. Also, you can use it to stop squeaking hinges or drawers. Beeswax is a natural product so it is safe to use around the home.
  4. Waterproofing – Natural Beeswax is great for waterproofing canvas. Beeswax treated fabric can be used as a wrap for preserving food. Also, beeswax is a great way to waterproof wood for gardening beds. Natural beeswax will not contaminate your food.
  5. Wood Conditioner – Beeswax can be used for conditioning unfinished wood. It is also an ingredient in most wood furniture polishes. Beeswax is a medium density wax that is great at preserving wood and protecting it from moisture.

Choosing Beeswax

When using beeswax in your home or business we encourage you to choose only pure USA domestic wax. Using high-quality wax will ensure your health and safety.

At World of Honey, we filter each batch of beeswax to remove impurities down to the size of a grain of pollen. We process our beeswax by hand using traditional methods to ensure the highest quality product. Finally, we use only 100% USA locally sourced beeswax.

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