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Donning a bee suit and calling yourself a beekeeper is the easy part. What goes along with it is a little more difficult – running a business. One of your first challenges will be finding a good name for your honey business.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources available to you.  Just do an online search for name generators and you will find a plethora of tools that take your keywords and try to convert them into a great sounding business name.  One good example is Business Names Wiz’s Honey Business Name Generator.  But is it really that simple?  Well, finding a truly great name may be a little more daunting of a task. 

honey business names

“Honeybee on blossom.”

bee business name

“Working the hives.”

A great business name should immediately convey what your business is about.  Not something that sounds good but is confusing to people about what the business does. A good name for a honey business should be memorable and get people excited about your products.  So don’t just use any name.  Give it careful consideration.

“Determine who you are and what your brand is, and what you’re not. The rest of it is just a lot of noise.” – Geoffrey Zakarian

Honey Business Naming Strategies

Here are some strategies for picking a good name for your honey business.  You may try using a combination of words.  For instance, Hive plus Apiary – gives you “Hivery”.  Also, Bee plus Behave gives you “BeeHave”.  You can come up with all kinds of word combinations.  Another simple strategy is to incorporate foreign words into your name.  For instance, the Spanish words “miel” or “abeja”, which mean honey and bee respectively.  Or how about the French word “Abeille” that sounds like a neat name doesn’t it?

Well, hopefully you are getting some ideas for words to use of your own.  Now you can head to a site like and let your imagination run wild.  The world is your oyster!

Good Honey Business Name Examples

Here are some examples of bee business names that may interest you: Golden Drop. Pure Harvest. Bottled Raw. Wild Bee Honey. The Dark Taste. The Sweet Farm Co. Eco BeeKeepers. Bottled Dew. The Hope Honeycomb. Creamy Comb. Angel Nectar. Heavenly Buzz.

If you have more ideas for good honey business names please add them in the comments!

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  • Sandra Ruiz

    Nice article. We just started our honey business and searching for a name.

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