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Comb Honey

Comb honey is the most raw form of honey available. It is taken directly from the beehive and never extracted, but instead left in the natural state – sealed within the beeswax honeycomb. In this form the honey itself has never been touched by humans. It is raw, unfiltered, unheated, and pure honey. It is a premium product and sells at a premium price compared to other forms of honey.

To consume honey in the comb it can either be crushed to release the precious nectar or it can be consumed whole with the beeswax. Eating the beeswax will not harm you. It doesn’t have much flavor itself, but can be a challenge to chew and swallow. My favorite way to use comb honey is to spread it with a knife on hot toast. The heat of the toast softens the wax and makes it more palatable.

Before the invention of the centrifugal honey extractor almost all honey sold was in the comb. Now days comb honey is less frequently produced because it is labor intensive and more difficult to produce than extracted honey. To produce honeycomb the honeybees require a strong nectar flow. Also, the beekeepers must use strong colonies and often need to manipulate the hive boxes to get nice straight white combs.

Comb honey is available in many varieties just like other forms of honey. It is usually cut into squares or produced in special round sections then packaged in a sealed container.


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You can learn more about comb honey from the article “What is Comb Honey?” by Two Hives honey in Manor, Texas.

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