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What is Creamed Honey?

Creamed honey, Spun honey, Whipped honey – are all names for the same thing. In fact, creamed honey does not contain cream or any other additives. It is pure raw honey that has been allowed to granulate to a smooth consistency. It is the most popular type of honey in the UK and is growing in popularity in the US. Creamed honey has a unique butter-like texture and is ideal for spreading on toast or adding to hot teas.

A method for creaming honey was patented by Elton Dyce in 1935. Today most creamed honey is created using a variation of this method with unheated raw honey. In this method microscopic seed crystals are added to the honey at a ratio of 1:10. Paddles are used to stir the honey mixture while it is kept between 55–70 °F. Under these conditions a batch of creamed honey can be created in about 80 hours. The resulting honey from this process stays in its creamy consistency indefinitely as long as it is stored at room temperature. If it gets too hot it may start to become runny again.

Creamed honey comes in many varieties. Because of the mixing process involved it is an ideal vehicle for adding or infusing different ingredients or flavors. The most popular varieties are cinnamon and chocolate infusions. The cinnamon variety is said to help sooth upset stomach. The chocolate infusion is rich in antioxidants. So the healthy nature of the honey is boosted by these ingredients.

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