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Nayarit Mexico

A Journey to Honeybee Paradise

Finding the ideal location to gather honey is not an easy job. There are so many factors that affect the honey flows and the natural state of the honeybees. Some locations can be great in springtime, but far too hot in summer. Other locations are mild in summer, but have harsh winters. So most commonly beekeepers move their bees from location to location chasing the best nectar flows throughout the year.

In our search for the finest artisanal honey we have run across one location that may be a honeybee paradise. It has a sub-humid climate that is sunny year round with an average annual temperature of 77°F. It also has 200 miles of coastline and borders a mountainous region that is dense with lush vegetation.

The location is Nayarit, Mexico. A tropical wonder situated between the heavily forested mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Pacific Ocean. It is here that beekeepers experience the strong nectar flows in summer from the mangroves that line the coast. The coastal towns are temperate from the topical breeze of the Pacific. So the honeybees are happy to spend their days navigating the beaches and dotting the waterways as they gather their precious nectar. The resulting honey is called “mangle” in the native tongue of the locals in the delta town of La Tovara. We know it a Mangrove honey because of the single plant source from which it comes. The 2018 La Tovara Mangrove honey captures the essence of this salt wind location.

Moving inland is the town of Castillo del Sol. An area with rich orchards of Mango, Avocado, and Tropical fruits. Here the dark and distinctive 2018 Castillo del Sol Orchard honey is gathered with diligence. The honey is robust with fruity overtones harkening to the lush flowers of the orchard trees.

Mild temperatures greet you as you move into the Sierra Madre Mountains. Here the valley’s rich soil bed gives rise to an abundance of Wildflowers. In the town of La Aurora the beekeepers go to work in late summer setting hives for their exquisite bounty. The 2018 La Aurora Meadow honey is a balance of earthy and floral notes.

We invite you to take a journey with us in the exploration of the Nayarit honey collection. These distinctive selections are sure to please your family. To learn more about Nayarit, Mexico visit

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