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raw honey vs regular honey

Raw Honey vs Regular Honey

There is a big difference when comparing raw honey vs regular honey.  Raw honey is honey from the beehive that has never been heated or filtered.  This is important because the honey maintains it’s natural enzymes which makes it easier to digest and more beneficial for the body.  Also, because it is unfiltered it keeps small particles of wax and pollens in the honey.  These are also a great health benefit.

Commercially produced honeys are most commonly fine filtered and heated beyond their natural temperatures.  This is done for many reasons.  First, it gives the honey a longer shelf life by preventing it from crystalizing.  It also makes the honey easier to bottle as it flows more freely when heated.

honey business names

“European Honeybee.”

bee business name

“Collecting Raw Honey.”

There is another more nefarious reason for heating and filtering honey which is that it removes the pollens from the honey making it more difficult to trace the source of  origin.  Honey importers will sometimes do this to circumvent trade laws or to avoid tariffs.

“Raw honey is definitely something to sing about.”  Unknown Author

Raw honey is extracted from the hive and quickly bottled while in it’s liquid state.  When comparing raw honey vs regular honey it is important to remember that raw honey will crystalize over time.  If you find your honey starting to crystallize, gently warm it on the stove within the sealed glass jar in a pan of warm water. This slow heating will remove the crystals without altering the honeys flavor or destroying the natural enzymes.

There is another reason that raw honey is best.  That is flavor!  Raw honeys have more complex aromas and flavor profiles because they are uncooked.


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