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Types of Honey

In the USA, when we think of honey we typically picture the golden liquid substance that we find in most neighborhood markets. Did you know there are actually several different types of honey available? In this article, we will discuss the four types of honey available to consumers and their unique properties.

  1. Liquid Honey – This type of honey is the most frequently sold honey in the USA. Liquid honey is easy and conveinent to use. It usually comes in a squeeze bottle that makes it easy to dispense. Liquid honey can be either raw or pasturized. Raw honey is not heated. It retains it’s natural enzymes and delicate flavor.

    Pasturized honey is heated to give it a longer shelf life. This process can darken the honey and affect it’s flavor. Liquid honey can also be filtered or unfiltered. Filtering the honey removes fine particles and pollens that are natural to the honey. Honey is filtered to give it a crystal clear appearance. Unfitered honey may appear cloudy, but it is in a more natural state.

2. Crystallized Honey – Raw honey that is unfiltered and unheated will begin to form fine crystals. Eventually, the honey will no longer be liquid but will start to form into solid granulated honey. When this process is controlled fine granules can give the honey a smooth buttery texture. This is what is known as creamed honey.

Creamed Honey is the most popular form of honey in Europe. We offer an amazing Italian Mandarin Creamed Honey called Mielbio. We also have honey cream spreads available from Bumbleberry Farms.

3. Comb Honey – Comb Honey comes straight from the hive and is never extracted, heated, or filtered. It is the most natural state of honey, still sealed in the wax comb by the bees. When you eat comb honey you consume the beeswax along with the honey it contains. The beeswax is fine to eat but requires a bit of chewing.

Natural Honeycomb contains the highest level of enzymes and pollens since it is never processed. Our Raw Comb Honey goes great paired with a cheese board and crackers.

4. Chunk Honey – Chunk Honey is liquid honey with pieces or “chunks” of comb honey in it. It is popular with artisan beekeepers who want customers to know that their honey is fresh and unadulterated. The chunks of comb prove that the honey is authentic.

The liquid honey that is packed around the chunks of comb serves to preserve the comb for long periods of time. This is a remarkable way to enjoy honey offering the convenience of liquid honey with the natural goodness of honey in the comb. Check out our jars of Florida Orange Blossom Chunk Honey.

As you can see there are many ways to enjoy honey. World of Honey offers all four types of honey. All of our honey is raw. Now is the best time to give the different types of honey available a try!

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