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Sourwood Honey: An American Favorite

There is no doubt, Sourwood Honey is a favorite among American honey. Due to its distinct flavor and characteristics, it has been awarded the title “Best Honey in the World” at the 2005 and 2007 Apimondia World Honey Show. Read this article to find out for yourself what makes this honey so special.


Sourwood Honey is a specialty, artisanal, single-source honey. In fact, the sourwood tree only grows in the Eastern Mountain regions of the United States. Sourwood trees are found in several southeastern states. However, it is in the Southern Appalachian Mountains where most of the honey is produced. For this reason, sourwood honey is traditionally associated with the Appalachian region, and a Sourwood Festival is hosted each year in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

About the Sourwood Tree

The scientific name for the sourwood tree is Oxydendrum arboreum. Sourwood is a small tree that grows from 30-60 feet tall. The leaves are dark green in Summer and crimson red in Fall. The leaves have a sour taste which is where the name sourwood comes from. When the trees bloom they form clusters of small white bell-shaped flowers called “angel fingers”. The flowers are visible from mid-June through late July.

Flavor Profile

Despite its name, it is not sour at all. In fact, it is sweet, full, and rich in flavor. It possesses subtle notes of caramel and anise with hints of maple and spice. The aftertaste is best described as spicy gingerbread.

Health Benefits

Sourwood honey is known as an allergy reliever for those sensitive to pollens. It also has a high level of antioxidants and natural antimicrobial properties. Due to its low natural sugar level, it is sometimes recommended for diabetics.

Buy Sourwood Honey

As you can see, Sourwood Honey is an American favorite for good reason. Its unique flavor and health benefits make it one of the most desired types of honey worldwide. Also, the regional location and short harvest season make it limited in production. If you haven’t tried this rare honey yet, you should add it to your collection today. World of Honey has this prized honey available in a limited supply.

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“Most honey is made by bees. But sourwood is made by bees and angels”.

Carson Brewer

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