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Tupelo Honey: Pure Liquid Gold

Tupelo Honey is a favorite among American honey. The Apimondia World Honey Show awarded it third place in 2019. Because of the premium qualities it possesses some folks call it “Liquid Gold”.


Tupelo is a specialty, artisanal, single-source honey. In fact, the Ogeechee Tupelo tree only grows in the swamps of Georgia and North Florida along the Apalachicola and Ochlockonee rivers. It is here that the beekeepers use riverboats and floating platforms to stage their hives for the precious nectar flow. For this reason, Tupelo is traditionally associated with the Florida Panhandle. A Tupelo Festival is hosted each year in Wewahitchka, Florida.

About the Tupelo Tree

The scientific name for the Ogeechee Tupelo tree is Nyssa Ogeche. Tupelo is a tall tree that grows from 60-100 feet. The elliptical leaves are green and turn red in fall. When the trees bloom they form clusters of small white flowers. The flowers are visible from mid-April through May.

Flavor Profile

Tupelo is mildly sweet honey. It has a light, buttery flavor. Fans describe the taste as cinnamon with a hint of anise. Because of its mild flavor, it pairs well with grilled salmon and other delicate dishes. Check out our Honey Garlic Salmon Recipe here.

Health Benefits

Tupelo has a low natural sucrose level which prevents it from crystallizing. This makes it a healthy option for some diabetics.

In The Media

Van Morrison’s fifth studio album was titled “Tupelo Honey” and features a song by the same name. Also, Peter Fonda stars in a movie titled “Ulee’s Gold”. The 1997 film tells the story of a solitary Florida Beekeeper who harvests Tupelo.

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