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top 10 honey in america

Top 10 Honeys in America

  1. Sourwood Honey – Despite the name, this honey is not sour. It is a sweet, delicate honey with a taste like gingerbread with a hint of anise. Harvested in the Appalachian Mountain region. A world famous honey.
  2. Tupelo Honey – A light colored honey with a greenish tint. The taste is like cinnamon and butter. Harvested in the swamplands of South Georgia and North Florida.
  3. Blueberry Honey – A springtime honey derived from blooming blueberry bushes. The taste is mild with a slight berry flavor. Harvested in many states throughout the US.
  4. Orange Blossom Honey – A popular honey choice for it’s mild citrus taste. Orange blossom honey is a bestseller in California and Florida where it is harvested.
  5. Raspberry Honey – Another mild springtime honey with a slight berry taste. Harvested in multiple states in the US.
  6. Buckwheat Honey – A dark, robust honey known for its high level of antioxidants and malty flavor. It is a harvested in the US Midwest.
  7. Acacia Honey – A light, delicate honey with a floral aroma. The flavor is mild with a hint of vanilla. Harvested in multiple states where the Acacia trees bloom.
  8. Clover Honey – The most commonly used table honey in the US. It has a mild flavor and pairs well with most foods.
  9. Blackberry Honey – A medium honey with a slight berry taste. It is often wild harvested from blackberry fields in the Pacific Northwest.
  10. Wildflower Honey – A honey that has gained in popularity due to its allergy fighting natural pollens. Wildflower honey comes from uncultivated wildflowers throughout the US. The most popular “Local” honey.

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