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Hive Life Conference 2023 Review

We had a fantastic few days in Sevierville, Tennessee for the Hive Life Conference 2023. Due to Covid, this was our first time attending this event so we were eager to see what all the buzz (excuse the pun) was about, and all we can say is it certainly lived up to the hype.

Thursday Start

This year the conference commenced on Thursday evening when attendees had the opportunity to meet their favorite YouTubers and visit the vendor hall to check out all the wonderful vendor displays, from beekeeping supply stores to new innovations and everything in between. There were almost 200 vendors in total at the show!

Silent Auction

On Friday, the Silent Auction began. The auction featured donated beekeeping equipment from around the world. My personal favorite item was the Hive Life 2023 grafting easel made especially for the conference. The bidding was fierce and many items were bid up above the actual retail value. Fortunately, the proceeds are donated to a good cause.

Friday Presentations

Also, on Friday the presentations began. My favorite presenter was Chris Werner from Indian Summer Honey Farm in Webster, Florida. Chris and Rebecca Werner were instrumental in helping me get started in my own beekeeping journey. Chris presented on how to grow and manage a sustainable beekeeping operation. Chris is an expert in the field of beekeeping and maintains 4000+ colonies with the help of his family. Later in the conference, he gave a talk on queen rearing.

Friday night was spent getting to know fellow beekeepers and learning more about the different topics of interest in the beekeeping community. The night concluded with an hour-long Bluegrass Show in the main exhibit hall.

Saturday Highlights

The following day had talks from some of the leaders in the beekeeping field such as Kamon Reynolds (event organizer), Richard Noel, Ian Steppler, Etienne Tardif, Frederick Dunn, and many more!

Also, on Saturday, the winners of the Honey Competition were announced. My entry of cut comb honey did not place, but I received the honor of a “Highly Commendable” award.  This was my first time entering a honey competition so I learned a lot about what I can do in the future to be more successful in the competition.

One thing I suggest to anyone who plans to enter a honey show is to read the directions very carefully. The judges are looking for perfection not only in the product submitted but also in how well you follow the directions for the submission! You can view the competition rules by clicking here.

Trade Show

Between the talks, the 2000+ enthusiastic attendees had a chance to browse the vendor halls to pick up their pre-ordered stock and check out everything that was on display. In addition to the brilliant talks, this event places a massive emphasis on providing opportunities for vendors to engage with beekeepers and affords attendees the chance to pick up all the beekeeping supplies they need for the coming year.

Thank you to organizers Kamon and Laurel Reynolds. We also appreciated the efforts of the Hive Life team for putting on such an excellent show, everyone is looking forward to 2024 already!

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Hive Life Conference 2023 – Day 1

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